Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Lasts and First.

My last post this shall be,
Of a journey travelled far,
The journey made within,
Left footprints on my heart,

The First of many journeys,
The First of many starts,
Ending became beginning,

I don't know where to start.....


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

They say we come to this world alone.
We live alone.
We die alone.
Alone we will always be.

Friends become strangers.
Strangers they remain.
Enemies they become.
Till indifference comes to save the day.

Words are my only solace.
Friends I have none.
All have deserted me.
Alone I feel.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A wish for a Leader

I sincerely wish you will have the experience of thinking up a new idea,
Planning it, and Following it to completion,
Then having it to be magnificently successful.

I also hope you go through the same process
and have something fail terribly.

I wish you could know how it feels to run with all your heart
and lose horribly.

I wish that you could acheive some great good for mankind,
and have nobody know it, except you.

I wish you could find something so worthwhile
that you deem it worthy of devoting your life.

I hope you become frustrated and dissatisfied enough to push back
the barriers of your own personality limitations.

I hope you make a stupid unethical mistake and get caught red handed
and are big enough to say those magical words,
"I was wrong".

I hope you give so much of yourself that some days,
You wonder if it's worth it all.

I wish for you a magnificent obsession that will give you a reason for living,
a purpose and direction for life.

I wish for you the worst kind of criticism for everything you do,
Because that makes you fight to acheive beyond what you normally would.

I wish for you the experience of


by Dr. Earl Reum, Co-ordinator of Student Activities, Lakewood Colorado.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Half a year has passed,
Since last I was home,

In this foreign land,
Many strangers have become friends,

Charred and Scared,
My heart bled,

Time passed,
together with the pain,

The rustling of the leaves;
Symbol of an approaching storm,

and whilst the cold wind caresses my skin,
I remember the times when I was home,
Truly, home..

For what is a man,
If he has nowhere to lay his head?
Whats has a man got?
If not himself.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today, was the day...

Today was the day,
I felt the tears go away,
The sting in my heart,
No more to stay,

Today was the day,
Where God said to me,
I'm here to stay,

A friend,
Assuring me that I'll be okay,
That God is in my heart,
Each and Everyday.

Today is the day,
Angels came my way,
and whispered prayers and assurance,
Oh what a day,

I'm glad you came my way,
With me I'm glad you prayed,
Definitely, God is great.

The journey was never smooth,
But I'm glad the landing was safe,
God is gracious, I praise his name.

And as I leave,
I leave with Peace,
The peace of Christ,
Which came my way,

Though I deserved not,
HE came my way,
HE loved me so,
This I have to say.

Take care my friend,
This is not the end,
A blessing to me you've been,
In my heart you will always be.

With Thoughts and Prayers.
I Love you. and above all, I Love God.

A child,
Jeremy Wong

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Ticket Boothe

As the wind kept blowing,
and seasons change,
I found a que of people,
All perfectly arranged,

They faced a ticket booth,
Painted navy blue,
It had the picture perfect look,
This was all I knew,

Why I was there,
I didn't know,
But I stood in line,
and time went by,

I reached the counter,
Read all the ads,
I thought to myself,
There's a chance,

I paid my fare,
A ticket in hand,
Walked to the pier,
Gazed at the sand,

And now I wait,
For my ship to depart,
Leaving this journey,
Which I traversed in my heart,

Leaving for something new,
Adventures await,
I looked to the sky,
and this was my silent prayer,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Pier.

I stood there watching the boats pass by,
The winds filled the sails as tough directing it's course,

Against the rusty pillars of the pier,
The sea would vent it's anger,
Driving and thrusting it's force over and over,
Till it quietly dies off,
Unnoticed by human eyes,

Indifferent, yet concerned,
I was undecided,
My journey of boyhood was reaching an end,
And Now I must traverse to a different land,

I cannot choose which boat to ride,
For each goes to a different place,

So for now... I wait; I contemplate,
I watch the sun and sky for signs,
signs to discern the weather,
For the appropriate time of which I must leave..
This home of mine... or am I yet to be home?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Creator.

Who knows?
Only him... who creates all things,
Who IS, Who WAS, and IS TO COME,
My LORD, My Saviour, My King,

He looks at his creation,
With eyes of love,
And though they turn their backs on him,
He doesn't turn away,
With a loving embrace he engulfs all things,
And assures us that one day we will understand,
and see things through his eyes,

But till then,
We remain here, lowly beings on earth,
Treading this path,
On a journey... Shortlived..

Monday, January 08, 2007


A getaway,
A paradise,
A place of Serenity,
Where all my senses feel.

I could just die in estacy,
Lost in this dream,
The soothing sound of the waterfall,
Of leaves rustling above,
While I take refuge in it's soft shades,

Becoming one with it's ambiance,
Leaving imprints on my soul,
The cool air rushing through to my lungs,
Filling me with overwhelming peace.

In this Paradise, I am free,
At least till I return to reality,
So for now, Liberated I will be.

Friday, December 01, 2006

By The Tombstone

Silence never seemed so loud,
And as I watched Peace walk slowly past the tomb of the one I love,
The leaves of time slowly fill the ground beneath my feet,
Leaving me to myself, once again,

No one else knows how I feel,
For reality has proven to me,
That eventually,
This is what was meant to be,
And though I still find it hard to accept this fact,
I know the truth will set me free,

He isn't gone, he's just waiting,
Waiting for me,
Coz the LORD said something to me,
Something about eternity,
Something about the angels and saints,
Something about forever and ever,
Although for now, I cannot see,

Wisdom told me,
To live is to Die,
To laugh is to cry,
and that my friend, is life,

JEsus said,
As long as you live in me and I in you,
You will bear much fruit,
Believe in me and you will have life,

and I believe that he believed,
and this thought comforts me..

Saturday, November 25, 2006


As that familiar smile grew on my face,
I found myself walking on the shores of the sea,

Laughed to myself thinking about those lazy days,
With the wind in my face and sound of the waves,
While I dipped my toes into the spangles of sand,

Turned my eyes to some shells on the shore,
Some red, some yellow, some blue, some grey,

It was a peculiar sight,
I laughed again,
and I thought of something clever to say,
I thought it was all a dream,
But the colors kept changing,
and the shells were arranging,

I smiled in bewilderment,
As I tried to figure out what this was all about,
and this went on and on,
till the day was almost gone,

As the day concluded I thought,
Maybe I'd come back someday,
To share this place with a friend,
Who will appreciate it much,

When the day gave way to the night,
In the darkness, I started to lose my sight,
The shells produced an ambient light,
And instead the sea became the sky,

And I continued on my journey,
Treading on light...

Temperal Moments

In the quiet of the day,
I would slowly decay,
While somehow the yearning of my soul grows deeper,

I'd learn to be me,
I'd learn to be free,
As the gentle sway of music passes my way,

Disabling my thoughts,
My heart runs free,
In the fields of my inner being,
I find peace; peace beyond words,

I'm lead to the river of memories,
Where I taste the bittersweet flavours of what has been,
It draws me deeper into a moment of self gratification,
and slowly I start to see...
Who I am...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lady Wisdom (her heart bleeds)


She stared at me with those eyes; eyes that sees past hopes and fears,
Past all the imperfections; to the my genuine being.

And all I could think of is the awkward silence that stands between us,
I thought from this moment I could flee, but to no avail,
She left me on my knees.

As the wind gently danced around the corner of her cheeks,
I began to wonder why she didn't stop there,
With those eyes she had a hold on me,
Fear, Anxiety; neither of which I felt,
Rather, I felt free,

Irony caught me by surprise,
Her captive, I was;
Yet freedom I felt, beyond words,
Freedom to; Freedom from,
Liberation; though it wasn't what I deemed it to be,

"Oh Lady Wisdom, leave me be,
Rather I'd live in darkness than in light,
Blind to the needs of others;
To the knowledge of this blight,
Where suffering is imminent,
And despair fills the air.
In the cold darkness of the night"

"For all I see is death; of little ones dying,
My heart bleeds from the sight of this,
Violent pangs of agony clench my being,
No longer am I able to bear,
So leave me be,
to be on my way,
alone rather I'd be".

Then her eyes began to bleed,
shedding tears of red,
For what she saw in my being,
was something.... was someone.... it was me....

Are we all blind?
Can't we see?
or rather,
Is this way we choose to be...

-JEremy Wong

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Pleading an opportunity to liberate myself,
I sought all I thought would set me free,
Freedom to, freedom from,
Delusional in various forms,

Tied down by moral obligations,
Encouraged ethics push me to this pre-decided decision,
Hence the hand that feeds tugs at my thoughts,
From which I cannot break free,

Hiding from the tense atmosphere,
I seek solace in a place unknown,
Longing to shield my being in the shadow of my creator,
False hope hits me in my face,
Bringing me to the awakening of harsh reality,
Of something only known to me,

So I remain where I am,
Where my thoughts float in the air,
Keeping me sober until the dawn brings me another day,
Where I can begin again.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Boulder.

All this while I didn't know,
Though I thought I knew,
Limping like a crippled man,
Acting like a fool,

Walking in a daze,
Surrounded by a haze,
I hit my head against something vague,

So there I stood preplexed staring at the large piece of grey mattter,
It seemed simple though it felt like something more...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As I traversed along the blurry path,
I meet 3 Angels from afar,
They led me uphill to a distant place,
Far from my path,
But it felt as though that path was a path worth taking,

And as I walked with them,
I learnt the ways of the unknown,
Of the Signs of these troubled times,
Where what seems certain, is uncertain,

For that short period of my journey,
I felt as though I wasn't travelling anymore,
They talked about stuff I was unsure of,
And they taught me stuff that I never knew,

As they brought me back to my initial path,
They left me with a sense of hope and strength,
And I know.. I will meet them again someday..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Wine, The Sun, The Empty Heart.

As I made my way through,
My eyes turned to,
A table in the courtyard,
Under the bright burning Sun,

Bread and Wine,
Food; all kinds,
A feast laid out,
Reason without,

Why the feast?
Prepared for fun,
When one knows not,
The meaning is Lost,

So at the table I sat,
Ate with content,
knowing not the reason,
Took part in the fun,

I left when I was done,
Stomach full, empty heart,
Knowing not the reason why I had all the fun,
I journeyed on the path I was on.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Chosen Path.

I came to crossroads,
Along this journey unknown,
Dependant on the a road I desired most,
I left the necessary unattended,
Traversing the path with a glimmer of hope,

Though I knew why I chose this path,
Somehow I'd prefer the other two,
Not knowing the destination nor the outcome,
There was nothing I could do,

So I held onto the hope of gaining something positive...

Something that will help me on this Short Lived Journey...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

As Shepherds Tend Their Flock

Along I walk,
This path unknown,
Though many see what I cannot,
I saw shepherds tending their flock,

In pastures green, his sheep they walk,
I'd gaze in wonder, the lovely flock,
Grazing grass in mid day's heat,
As shepherds tend their flock,

If one should stray,
And lose it's way,
The shepherd will look for him all day,
Though in the heat of summer's ray,

Leaving the flock, he'd search for one,
"How could he do this?" I thought,
For he abandoned the flock just for that one,

Till he found that one,
He would not rest,
For it was his love,
Beyond the rest,

When he found that one,
I'd gradually think,
Would anyone look for me if I was lost?

So as I travel this road I know nothing of,
I saw shepherds tend their flock,


Saturday, November 19, 2005

This Road.

As I stumble upon the path I traverse,Much is unknown about my destiny,A short journey it may be,But it's experience; contradictory,

Fall, I may,Rise, I will,Though bleed my limbs,Heal, they will,

Guided by the spirit,I am lead to paths unimaginable,Along this road; surprises and adversities,Both similar in reason, profound in substances,

Leading to Growth; the change of being,
Finding solace in places I'd least expect,Comfort slips into the shades of my soul,Leaving behind a mark of assurance,Astounded, I am left,
Though this road be short and narrow,I'd choose it over the wide and easy one,For the spirit guides my feet,And the Word; a lamp upon my path,
On this Road that I Travel....